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The Power Of Nostalgia &
The Power Of Future 💀

Limited Edition Physical Collectibles & 
#nft projects.


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By The Power Of Nostalgia

Kilink Custom

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Kilink Custom is a professional art movement that is passionate about the past, in love with the future and accustomed to designing with its futuristic approach enriched by this contrast. Known for its custom designed and limited edition figures, it has become the newest addiction of some of the well-known collectors of the toy world. 


It got support from many collectors in Turkey with its joint projects with traditional and digital artists, brand collaborations and with works that aim to bring nostalgia to the present day for its own pleasure.

( TN Yapım, Can EvrenolSinematik Yeşilçam, Ithaki Yayınları, Armageddon Turk…) 


Kilink Custom adheres to traditional principles, masters new dynamics and produces by paying attention to the points where the sub and upper cultures are active. It wants to reach the end result without losing the excitement it felt for a toy when it was in the idea and production stages. With this enthusiasm, it designs for those who want to keep their ideas and projects of all kinds eternal and for toy lovers and collectors alike.


By creating NFT's, Kilink Custom shows that it's not indifferent to the digital evolution of art. It continues to work in this field where it can carry the past into tomorrow.

Kilink Custom will continue to infiltrate the areas that its creator Burak Ersöz cannot find, see and long for within the borders of the country, and it will continue to be a place in which all artists and art lovers with either the same or different views with this very different but contradictory art movement. 


With endless gratitude to everyone who has been walking with us on this path.




Burak Ersöz

Creator Of Kilink Custom Toys


Müge Orhan

Toy Sculptor


Başak Demir


Serkan Kavurt

Molding & Creative Solutions


Noyan Erdal

Electronics, Engineer & Music Product

and special thanks to #NFTs & Project Partner



"Vücudundan kurtul. Sadece zihnin ve ruhunla yaşa. O zaman toprak altında da nefes alabilirsin"

Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, 1982

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